No bake chocolate cookies

So many thoughts run through my brain and heart right now. My first Blog post and which recipe should in include first.

Chocolate for sure but easy and quick to make and healthy too. The food should be tasty and yummilicious , but it has to be nutritious and soul satisfying too. Thus , my favourite 10 min cookie recipe which is No Bake Chocochip Oat cookies. 


They are quickest to be made, need basic supplies, ready in a jiffy and a perfect companion for tea for you, milk for kids or any nightime sweet cravings. They are healthy, hence its Guilt free pleasure. So easy even the kids can cook along and have fun making them.


#nobakecookies #eggless #kidsfriendly #chocochipcookies


Oats 1 1/2 cup ( lightly grinded)

Sugar 3/4 cup

Butter 1/4 cup

Milk 1/4 cup

Chocochips 1/2 cup

Vanilla essence 1 tsp

parchment paper lined cookie sheet


In a bowl, add oats and choco chips and whisk it with a fork.

In a pan, boil milk, butter and sugar on medium heat. Once it comes to boil keep stirring for couple of mins for sugar to dissolve.

Add essenece to oats and quickly add the boiled milk mix to oats. With a spoon mix everything together till there is no dry oats.

On a parchment paper lined pan drop spoon full of batter and leave it to cool.

Once it cools, it will harden and u have yummilicious scrumptious cookies. Makes around 25 cookies.

U can keep in refrigerator in an airtight box. Lasts a week though mine were finished in two days 


Enjoy !!!!!


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