Paan Shots

We Indians are obsessed with Paan. A meal in a restaurant is incomplete without a paan after wards. When at home, the best way to include this magic flavourful leaf in out food is with a Paan Shots.

paan shot

This is one of those lip smacking shots to uplift the mood and leave a fresh taste in your mouth.

Paan besides taste has many health benefits. Its an excellent digestive, rich of anti oxidants, improves oral health, treats respiratory diseases and so on.

Make and enjoy this goodness today. Its so easy to make that even my kids enjoy making it on their own.


Maghai paan leaves torn in small bites – 6

Gulkand – 2 tbps

Fennel seeds or sauf 1 tsp

Dessicated Coconut 1 tsp

Vanilla Ice cream 2 scoops

Water 4 tbsp

Ice cubes

Nutella and choco sprinkles to decorate shot glasses


Chill the shot glasses. Melt the nutella in a bowl and spread the chocolate sprinkles in a shallow dish.

Dip the mouth of chilled glasses in Nutella and then dip in sprinkles. Let them sit in the refrigerator.

Blend all the ingredients well in a blender till there are no lumps and no paan bits floating . pour in prepared shot glasses and chill before serving.

You can serve them like this or as i prefer with a chocolate covered Golgappa stuffed with some chopped chocolate nutties or meethi supari.


enjoy the wholesome freshness and goodness of paan in this hot weather. Bon Appetit!!!





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