Nani’s Besan Laddoo

Jai ganpati bappa !!!  My kids are huge laddoo lovers and I prefer to give them these freshly made besan laddoos with the goodness of homemade fresh ghee.

They like to eat these plain without any nuts and many a nights I make them fresh on their demand post dinner. Its super easy , made with just three basic ingredients and ready in 20 mins and every time I make them I remember my nani who used to make these for me.

This is in memory of my nani and in hope in someday I can make them somewhat similar to the yummilicious laddoos she made. She is the inspiration and connection of me and my love for homemade laddoos.


Besan or gram flour – 2 cups
Boora or Desi Khaand  – 1.5 cups
Ghee – 1 cup (200 gms)


  1. Put 3/4 cup ghee in the frying pan . When the ghee is melted, add the gram flour. Roast the gram flour and keep stirring continuously on medium flame. Take care not to burn the flour.
  2.   When the colour of the gram flour starts becoming light brown, and gram flour becomes aromatic, sprinkle a table spoon of water in it (it will foam in the gram flour, Which will make Laddo taste very good)
  3. Roast gram flour until froth fades out. Once froth is finished, roasted gram flour is ready. Remove from flame immediately and take out in the plate separately to cool the gram flour.
  4. Once its cooled, add boora and mix well. Now make small round laddoos of the size you wish. If you find mix too dry, add the remaining ghee.
  5. Laddoos are ready. Allow thm to remain in the air for 6-7 hours. Laddo will become dry and then keep the laddus in the air tight container and keep it for 2 to 3 months.


  • Do not mix boora in hot gram flour. Mix only after lightly cooling of gram flour. Because mixing in hot mix will lead to melting of bura. This can take longer time to settle the laddoos.
  • If the mixture looks more dry, then you can fix it by putting the remaining ghee in it. If the mixture is correct then it is not necessary to put the remaining ghee in it.
  • If there is no boora then mix ground sugar in it.

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