Ultimate Vegan protein burger

Burgers – favourite food to eat anytime.  My mom is a huge burger lover and I guess I’ve inherited that. Even, my kids love to carry burgers to school as it turns out their friends love the burgers I make.

As, I’ve pointed in my many posts that my kids are super picky eaters when it comes to eating vegetables. I am always looking at ways to feed them vegetables and protiens. Being a vegan, protein sources are mainly lentils, beans , seeds and nuts.

I tried vegan burgers in USA, and they were so dry and tasted like non-veg and it made me & mom leave the patty out and eat only the bun. The Ultimate vegan burger I make has a soft, moist inside burger patty with a crispy outside. Its super flavourful and best part is that its highly nutritious because of the added vegetables, seeds and nuts in it.

Try making this burger and you would never eat an outside burger. The patty of this burger is gluten-free as well. So, you can eat this Tikki/ patty as it is without the bun , if you are gluten-free. It tastes yummilicious with a tandoori mayo or chipotle mayo or just ketchup as well.

This burger is made without onion and garlic and hence, it can be made during navratras also. Also, my kids don’t prefer any lettuce or tomato slices in their buns , so If you want to use that its totally optional.

This recipe makes around 7 – 8 burger patty, but it depends upon the size of the patty you like to eat.


  • One can of Heinz baked beans (415gms)
  • 1 1/2 cup mix finely chopped vegetables  (carrot, zucchini, bottle gourd, green beans, capsicum, boiled sweet corn – basically anything thats in the fridge)
  • 1 tbsp – pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tsp – flax seeds
  • 5-7 – walnut halves
  • 1/3 cup – gluten free rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp – olive oil
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Black pepper – as per taste
  • Dried herbs- oregano, chilli flakes, basil
  • 1 tsp – chipotle sauce
  • 1 tbsp – no onion garlic del monte ketchup
  • 4tbsp – vegan mayonnaise
  • Mustard Sauce (optional)
  • 7-8 Wholewheat burger buns
  • Lettuce leaf , tomato slices (optional)



  1. Heat a non-stick pan, roast the rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds,  walnuts for couple of minutes till lightly roasted. Cool and grind into a coarse powder. Keep aside.
  2. In the same pan, heat oil. Add dried herbs, black pepper and sauté for few seconds. Then add in the mixed chopped veggies, salt and sauté for 5-7 minutes on medium-low heat till the mixture dries out a bit.
  3. Meantime, strain the can of baked beans in a strainer so that the liquid is separated and you are left with the baked beans.
  4. Add in the baked beans in the vegetable mix, mix well and cook and cover for few minutes on low heat , till the mix is almost dry. keep stirring in between to avoid buying at bottom of pan.
  5. Cool and store covered the bean veggie mix, in the refrigerator for couple of hours or overnight if you plan to give this in school tiffin.
  6. In a bowl, take mayonnaise and add in chipotle, ketchup and mix well.
  7. In the cooled veggie bean mix add in the grinder oats nuts powder and mix well. The mix is not very dry, but holds shape. If you feel that the mixture is still wet add in the a tsp or two of cornflour starch. I generally don’t use it as its unhealthy.
  8. Wet your hands and make round shape patties. It makes around 7-8 medium patties.
  9. Heat a grilled pan, apply some olive oil using a brush.
  10. Grill the patty on the heated girdles pan from both sides and apply olive oil with a brush on both sides.
  11. Once the patties reach dark brown colour and are equally grilled then grill the burger buns on the pan.
  12. If, you are gluten free like me, you can eat these Tikki like this topped with a vegan chipotle mayo, mustard sauce.

Assemble the burger

  1. Apply the Chipotle mayo on the bun base, top with a bean patty and mustard sauce or ketchup as per your wish and then the grilled bun top.
  2. If using lettuce leaves or tomato slices, apply mayo, then keep a lettuce leaf, 2 tomato slices, the bean patty, again tomato, lettuce and mustard sauce or ketchup.
  3. Serve with Fried fries or I give it with air fried fries.

Enjoy !!!

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