Environment Club

Hi friends ! My name is Saanvi agarwal and welcome to ENVIRONMENT CLUB .

In this you will learn how we can save our environment.

We use so much of plastic bags , polythene etc and it is not good for our environment . We can use paper bags .

Holi is coming and we play with balloons. Stop playing with them because then they will go in oceans , seas , rivers , lakes ,ponds and wetlands . The aquatic animals and plants will not able to breathe . Fishes , sharks , whales etc can eat them and die . Plants soil’s can get toxic and they can also die . We will save our environment by not playing with balloons .

You can reuse the water guns for 2 to 3 years . Don’t take new ones every year.

You can make homemade colours or you can take colours from FabIndia because they are made of fruits and vegetables.

How to make homemade colours is you can take beetroot for red , spinach for green , hibiscus and rose for pink , tumeric for yellow and orange peels for orange . Cut them in slices and let them dry for 3-4 days. You can let them sun dry but not directly because then they can leave their colour . Grind and sieve them and put in a box . Then you can mix with water a little bit . Leave it for a day . Ready to play with it. So play with it .

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  1. Nice club. Every holi I play with balloons but reading this article I understand the cause and effects behind it


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