Hi friends ! Today I am going to talk about Coronavirus.

What is corona virus ?
It is a virus that is now spread in all over the world . It has came from Wuhan . It is the city in China.

Few of its cases have now been reported in India too . It is harmful for us.  It has different symptoms. There are total 5 cases of this harmful virus in India.

 The doctors has said that the corona virus can’t live in summer months . Don’t panic.
Doctors have not found the solution to fight with corona virus as of now.

The infection of this virus is Covid -19. Schools have been sanitised because of that.

You should wear masks when you have to cough or sneeze. If anybody is coughing or sneezing give he or she a mask that is santised and its not used . If the mask is not reuseable take a new one and throw it .

Or stay 2m 60cm away from that person . Before eating anything or after it your hands should be sanitised or washed . Even holding a thing or leaving it somewhere, touching your friends or after touching .

The railings should be sanitised. If you’re walking without slippers at home the floors should be washed everyday.

If anybody is having any infection please stay away from he or she . Tell these ways to your friends too.


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