Chocolate mousse- two ingredient

Chocolate mousse sounds like a bowl of decadent yummiliciousness … it’s a bowl which transports you to heaven. But also, it’s very difficult to get the right texture and is high in fat and calories.

Then from the dessert heaven arrived Heston Blumenthal, and made an impossible chocolate mousse with the two ingredients which are never compatible.

It’s always taken care that whenever you work with chocolate, there should not be a drop of water. And , one of the best chef and one of my favourite chef made these two impossible ingredients come together to form the most decadent, luscious and healthy chocolate mousse.


  • Dark chocolate (at leat 70% dark) – 350 gms
  • Boiling water – 425 gms


    Chop the dark chocolate and add in a bowl.
    Pour the boiling water over chocolate and whisk untill combined.
    Prepare an ice bath in a big pan by adding ice cubes and water.
    Place the bowl of chocolate in the ice bath and keep on whisking till it thickens and reaches custard like consistency.
    Keep on scraping the chocolate from the sides of the bowl.
    Remove the chocolate from the ice bath and keep on whisking till the mixture swells and reaches a mousse like consistency. Do not over mix or it will split.
    Serve immediately.
    I sometimes keep it in fridge and serve as a low calorie ice cream, topped with some rainbow sprinkles.

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